Oil-Air coolers

Oil-Air coolers Series MG 2000 K + HPA

Series MG 2000 K + HPA

Oil-Air coolers are primarily used in return flow circuits of hydraulic systems with fan drive in order to cool down the utilized oil.

The core block made out of high-strength aluminum is manufactured by using a production system which includes a well-engineered welding procedure. In order to increase the turbulent flow of the liquid and consequently the heat removal a special configuration of the direction of flow is applied. Additional elements of turbulence also support the increased efficiency of EMMEGI heat exchangers. Those components result in a compact, rugged, technically mature and up-to-date product.

Serie MG AIR

  • spec. cooling power: 0,03 – 1,3 Kw / °C
  • oil flow rate: 2 – 320 Ltr / min
2000 K:
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger 2000K incl. integrated by-pass valve

Serie HPA

  • spec. cooling power: 0,2 – 6,5 Kw / °C
  • oil flow rate: 20 – 650 Ltr / min
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger up to 5 Kw / °C
HPA Large
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger up to 6,5 Kw / °C
HPA Compact
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger HPA as compact version
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger HPA incl. integrated by-pass valve
Air / Oil Heat Exchanger with tank
HPA Marine

Technical Data / Specifications

Materialhighly resistant & persistent aluminum alloy
Operating pressure20 bar
AC-Fan Drive230V, 50 Hz
3 Phase-Fan Drive230/400 V, 50/60 Hz
DC-Fan Drive12V und 24 V DC
Oil Flow2 – 500 Ltr / min
Spec. Cooling Powerbis zu 5 kW / °C